God is a woman

Thank you for all your love and support. You have shown me how important I am to everyone around me.
I need you to understand one thing for me please.

There is a girl, waiting, she doesn’t know what for.
She’s waiting for her life to change.
She questions the point of living every day…

It’s not just an empty feeling, she’s in pain, but she never gives up, she never loses hope.
She keeps herself going, but in every moment, everything around her, works against her.
She’s not just tired, she’s exhausted, she’s questioning the point of it all.

She’s been hurt, abused, harassed, bullied, judged, taken advantage of.
She has been destroyed, watched herself shatter.
Built herself back up, piece by piece, she’s put herself back together.

And then, once she thinks she’s all okay.
She trusts again, loves again, she’s scared of getting hurt again, but there she is, being as strong as she possibly can.

Putting others before herself, that’s what good girls do.
And that’s why they break, so easily, and so often.

They give you everything they can possibly give you.
Just because making others happy means so much more to them than making themselves happy.

Her huge heart and her efforts to do good by everyone around her,
get’s taken advantage of, she knows this,
she’s seen and done it all before, she knows it drains everything out of her.

She fell in love … again
Now she’s heartbroken … again
A woman is now in pain but has to hold it all back … again

Every time she’s opened up or reached out for help.
Her sadness and her anger has affected everyone around her.
If she goes down, all that is around her goes down too.
She keeps her problems to herself, or else she becomes the problem.

She rebuilds herself, she’s made herself stronger, tells herself, I can do this on my own.
Now she’s hurting more than ever, but she knows what she NEEDS to do.

She wants to be dead, so in a way that she does not need to suffer anymore.
She needs to be her best.
Stay strong, stay beautiful, stay caring and keep loving.
She loves the love feeling, but hates being in love.
She wants to stay the fuck away from love, but keeps looking for it.

She’s waiting for just one person, to pick her up, and not only help her but to fix her.
She needs someone to understand her pain, maybe feel her pain for her.
She needs someone to love and care for her more than she has ever in her whole lifetime.
Seems impossible

She needs you… show her that love is real!
Love is everything

Appreciate that love, it’s too special to let go.
Once you let it go, you will never get it back.

Someone who loves you, loves you for a reason.
It’s a gift we should be more grateful for.

I love you so so much
Laura xoxo

Thinkful thoughts

Splitting reveals absence
Love gone missing
Lost can be found
Have patients for revelation
Worrying is fearful
One absence brings some emptiness
Loneliness is an empty feeling
You are never alone, really
Things are better said,  then done
Expressions are extremely vocal
True feeling is always present
You may speak without doing so
Is the truth the truth
a lie a lie.
Is the world in motion or driven by control
Earth is inhabited and somehow controlled
To control the world motion takes place
An empty mind does not think
Thinking is the first step to resolute
The world has been destroyed slowly, things do change, and they need to change.


I can be your stylist, I’ll make you look hot.
From head to toe, show me what you got.
To look pretty first you must feel it.
Hot inside and out, my style is a hit.
Get a good photo then go get lit.

I am the latest trend, I have the ability to mend.
The sets I make, I’d rather wear than sell.
Give me your old clothes, I’ll show and tell.
Scrunchies always look good, sitting on my wrist.
My pearls are from the hood, from my style, I have a product list.

Pretty make up, dress and hair, I’m an artist I need a bigger dare.

Mr .funny

Yeah yeah
Ay’ mr funny
My turn now
It’s time mr funny
Mr funny begin.

The crown shines deep, deeper shines my candle

Beyond the walls of princess, life is defined.

I think of a beat, in a beauty state of mind.

Hope the next vandal got some fine scandal
The Queen deserves no standard candle.
George Frederick Handel, genius dramatic handle.

In a fairies state of mind.

What more could you ask for? The purple crown?
Boy no more lies, she still speaks for the frown.

I’m rappin’ to your scar
Make a wish, shooting star.

Slippery when wet, crazy for your smile.
Baby I neeed to tell you, I really like your style.

I can’t take the lies, can’t take the pain.
I woulda tried to sleep, I’ve been split, can’t fix the brain.

I’m rapping to my star
Ignore my nasty scar.

Yeah you, in a lovers state of mind.

~ ElBee

Dear mother

Happy mothers day, to my beautiful Mum.
I’ll start by apologising, i have been selfish and dumb.

You deserve the world and i plan to give you that.
It’s a shame that I’m broke, can’t even buy you a hat.
I think the best present is a mother daughter chat.

I’m chasing my dreams to make my mum proud.
She’s my sparkle, I can be crazy and loud.

I just hope my poem was enough, I know life’s been rough.
Doesn’t matter she’s pretty and tough.

Lub you to the moon and back.
You need a holiday, the time will come and I’ll help you pack.
Love Lau xoxo

You can call me Lau <3

My attitude is bad and it keeps getting better.
I’m smart as fuck here’s a funky fucking letter.
Some can’t handle the Laura Burchill presence.
I got some bad anxiety, I said no antidepressants.

Can I have a cone, please, that will calm me down.
Lau’s a fucking queen, the chick that wears the crown.
Her best friend and ex boyfriend, they just lied.
She’s a mad bitch who likes to kick back and ride.

Hey keep your eyes to yourself, boys, she’s an intelligent lady with a bad reputation.
Jerks have come and gone, she can sense your temptation.
Boy, you were lucky to have me, I’m a gift, I’m a goddess.
I made my mistakes, I have no regrets, I’m being honest.

History has been made, now I exist in the present.
Time fly’s by, but I make that shit pleasant.
Bitch don’t look at me funny, I know how girls work.
You’re boyfriends not even hot, but I’ll give him a cheeky smirk.
I wanted to be friends, your jealousy, that’s how I win.
You played your own game, girls should stick together, otherwise let the games begin.

I’m bigger and better, not my fault, I guess I’m snobby.
I smash a whole team, ball and stick, hockeys my favourite hobby.
I forgive you, let’s chill, hand out, here’s a chill pill.
Music up loud, we’re dancing on the clouds,
So fuckedy fucked, if you’re just having fun, you’re making Lau proud.

She’s got what you want, don’t hate cause you aint.
Be a good person, easy done your a saint.
She’s shy on the streets, what’s her intention.
A freak in the sheets, now she’s got your attention.

Pretty on the outside, I’m gonna show off.
Pleasing to they eye, I know you jerk off.

Pretty on the inside, she’s a yummy treat.
Her power of love, makes her so sweet.

Babes, we got the same style, you’re a follower obsessed with my trend.
Dudes, let’s get drunk, if we chill you’re a friend.
Simple, you can’t beat the queen,
You can try, but I’ll be nasty and mean.

~ Laura Burchill

instagram – prettyelbee.lau

I can be your stylist I can make you look hot.
From head to toe, show me what you got.

To look pretty, first you must feel it.
Hot inside and out,
My style is a hit.

Get a sexy photo, while gettin lit.
Just having fun, that’s your bit.

I am the latest trend,
I have the ability to mend.

The set’s I make. I’d rather wear than sell.
Give me your old clothes, I’ll show and tell.

Scrunchies always look good, sitting on my wrist.
My pearls are from the hood,
From my style, I have a pretty product list.

Pretty makeup and hair.

I’m a creative artist, I need a bigger dare.