My angel

I hear my Poppa voice, shit that’s just my intuition. I wanna do my own thing, not the old family tradition. Be real, I’m in the state of suspicion.

I told you about crashing my style, I wouldn’t be the lady I am it you weren’t making me smile . Take some time poppet, you need to calm down, while you’re at it, fix up your frown.

Hey so look, what’s up what’s up, gonna do what I said I wouldn’t do. Shake baby shake off the tears, keep on going, these are your learning years. You’re only human, humans have fears. Seems like yesterday, I was with you, crafting those beers, and I hope in the future, we get to say cheers. I’m saying what’s up with it, talking bout this power shit and how hard your loss hit, but knowing you, that’s the best bit.

Who gave me all the fools, to go destroy myself, I keep that shit on the shelf. Without you in my mind, I never would have dealt. I think that you’re amazing, you will always make my heart melt and most importantly, your love will always be felt.

Family is everything

Poppa the good man, those were the years. Built strong and tough, time to wipe off the tears. The meaning of love, he spoke thereof. His intelligence and wisdom, woke the honour system. This honourable man, we need more of. We will never forget, always thought of. Together let’s play darts, let’s say cheers, it seems like only yesterday he was crafting all those beers.

Grandy is an angel, she comes from the heavens, and her existence falls from the heavenly essence. She prays for you, he and she. Cares for all, answers for thee. Life becomes good for her presence is special. Heal you she could, so precious so careful. A name so supreme, a blessed bloodstream. Treated like a Queen, the name is Josephine.

Along cane my Mummy and for that I am lucky. She cares so much and she’s far too funny. The softest touch I wouldn’t give up, for love nor money. A mother I love , for her big heart and precious soul. I hate being apart, without you I am not whole. I love you and I miss you, thank you for everything. I want to hug you and kiss you, I would do anything to feel the joy you bring and I really love it when to me, you sing.

Dear dishonest man xx

Help me put my heart to rest. Pick up the courage and be an honest man. For that I will have respect and cause you no harm. The damage was done now say a silent prayer. Forgiveness for the sins, God knows what you did.

For you it’s the ultimate test and you will be blessed but not if what you promised makes you a dishonest man. For what you have wrecked, my precious soul, a perfect charm. This can’t be undone, nor pain nor despair. Neither one of us wins, but the power of christ knows where you secrets are hid. That’s why I say, good luck to you kid.

Cashing in

Take on the world,

The theory of everything,

Took on the King,

Going down in this history,

Got to march to my own victory,

I hold on to the trinity,

A union of divinity,

Where every question we can disagree,

But I don’t respond to hostility,

It’s a big responsibility,

And a door to possibilities,

I can vouch for tomorrow,

And the knowledge it will bring,

Great minds full of sorrow,

Made to investigate this thing,

A system by the King, all for cashing in.

Shooting stars, I hope they’re real.

Some days I wake up and I’m fine, I get through the day, yes I even smile.
The other day’s, they aren’t so much mine, they don’t fall in line, and they go an extra mile.

Every day I stay positive, I dream and even shine. You see the real me, but there’s always another side.
You should know, things are not how they seem, not always fine, I know how I feel, at least on the inside.

I work hard at my passions, I use up all my spare time. I even lose sleep, because I’m inspired.
I create pretty fashions, I write and I rhyme. I have a special talent, for that, I am tired.

I just hope my efforts pay off, I need money to live. Things don’t just take off, all of my fuel, I will give.

Wasting my energy

I hate you, but I still love you

How can this be, I just want to forget.

Thought you were me boo, guess that was never true.

Oh silly me, that’s just my regret.

Yes I hurt too , I’m sad but not cause of you.

Im crying deep down, cause of, guess who.

I don’t miss you at all I’m happier now.

At the same time I don’t believe this shit like wtf wow.

If you can forget me so easy, why was I even there?

Makes me wonder, were you even playing fair!

Fuck you and you.

Dog c*nts round two?

I tell myself I don’t need you, bye for now.

Why am I still sad, you downgraded to a cow.

Deadset, lost me forever

Still my heart holds on, to you, not whoever.

This is why I’m done, these feeling are way too much.

I’m forgetting you more and more, even that soft first touch 😦


I try my hardest, I still do my best, I always will, I’m so god damn strong. To push myself further, I really need some rest. I smile and I’m happy, but still, the days at work are far too long.

I don’t work for the fun, I have a much deeper reason, although it’s nice in the sun, it’s a hot fucking season.

Every day I charge on, take on board everything I know. There’s so much around me, every choice I make can be right or wrong. Making big steps, is like leaping to the snow. You can only go further, moving forward, more powerful than singing a song.