Dear God Part 2

Question one, is the pain really worth it, in the end, what is the end, see, you make it so much harder. This girl has no money to spend, I aint rich do I even know my worth. Am I just a slut, do I really have to give birth, family’s all that matters, here we are, in pain, we all still suffer, there’s too much evil on this earth. Thank you for the beauty, there’s still so much good, although I find it hard, makes it harder, I’m so misunderstood.

God, oh God, I still need your guidance, you put me here, is there a reason, I still hold on, I live on for you. Why don’t we swap shoes, I’ll be God, you try being me, I doubt you would last, unlucky for you, it’s the worst god damn view. You’ve given me the world, every living creature too. I am so grateful, but things go wrong, and nothings ever new.

Question number two, what the hell is going on, these boys and girls, do they even know what to do. I’m sorry to be so rude, just sick of trying to get through, to who? I don’t even know you. I’ve always cared for others, is love really ever true? I guess what I’d like to know, are we to you, just animals in a zoo. Whenever I’m nice I just get hurt, you would know, do you feel this shit too?

God oh God, of course I’ll go on, I’ll live by your teachings, and I’ll shine like the sun. I’ll smile and I’ll laugh, I want to have fun. Just help me get through this, in the end when I’m done, it would feel so good, just to say I won.


– Laura Josephine Burchill

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