Bitch power

When the going gets tough, I’ll use my bitch power.
Don’t get too scared, I mean no harm.
Unless you played me rough, I’ll turn that shit sour.
You’ll see another side of me, but still, I’m a charm.

If you love me, that’s great! really good news.
I’ll love you too, until you take advantage and use.
If you hate me even better! Don’t wanna hear your excuse.
I can hate you too, I couldn’t refuse.

Don’ tell me you care, even if you do, it doesn’t mean shit, not even to you.
Speak a lil louder, then you’ll get through, line up boys, there’s already a queue.
Cheeky boys just don’t see my view, I’m a girl, You’re a boy, who would have knew.
Silly girls, they just can’t choose, but it takes some getting used too.

Give me some respect, we’re on the right track .
Don’t stop there, the effort, you still won’t show.
Give me a good reason to take that all back.
If your sneaky, too bad, I always just know.

If you wanna smack, come on, bitch attack.
You aint got shit to throw, but let’s give em a good show.
Now mate, I hope your happy, any chance you have, you always just blow.

-Laura Burchill

1 thought on “Bitch power”

  1. this is amazing. I can’t believe you don’t get any traffic on your blog. You need to start checking out other peoples blogs that’s how they are going to know that you exist right?
    also, welcome!!!! I hope u have an awesome creative time here with creative friends


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