Simply special stuff

We are all on a journey with a focus.
Your life starts with you, now make your life good.

You’ll have your concerns.
You may even feel hopeless.

Don’t stop there, start to smile, you really should.
I bet, you forgot you could.
The world around you is being misunderstood.

Earth still goes around and the stars still like to sparkle.
Waves will still splash, it’s all there for you, now just enjoy.

Don’t be down, don’t be sad.
We all do really care, but it starts to annoy.

The ‘you know it’ effect, trust your gut, and stay true to yourself.
If you know you need help get yourself checked.
Earn the respect, then be happy as oneself.

Life goes on.
Keep your head up high.

We are lucky to be alive, you know…
Anyone could die.

-Laura Burchill-

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