I’ll start with a nice easy question,
what is love?

I’ll write for you, my life’s confession,
didn’t we learn in school to not push and shove?

Drugs every day with a loving sex session,
wake the fuck up and rise high above.

Scary things are real, even possession, the devil loves hate and anger,
just what I’m fucking sick of.

Loving can never be your profession,
love is a type of obsession.

Love is an emotion that feels good and hurts more.
Everyone loves different to the rest.

If you love sex, you’re far from a whore,
but your attitude problem, you think you’re the best.

You live and learn from every experience,
with every other being on earth.

Intimacy is beloved by being mysterious,
affection is caring, and makes up your worth.

I’m sorry to say, you can’t claim another as your own.
If it’s really meant to be, then lucky you, keep them close to your heart.

Expressions are extremely vocal, true emotions are always shown.
Bullseye boys, put in the effort, you need to do your part.

Some girls should be ashamed, it’s not to late to change your silly ways.
Good shit, easy life, if your lover can stay tamed.
Love isn’t easy, drains away my happy days.

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