Dear God

Question one, now this one aint fun, but I need to know, yo, why the drugs?
Did you get bored of love? tell me.
Just wanted to give the world a shove, but instead turned beauty into scum.
Have innocent kids all taxing from their Mum. Then comes addiction, which aint no science fiction, but if there’s drugs in the picture, then you have my attendance, not for company, but my body depends on it…

I’m fucked, which brings me to you, Mr God. Help me please before I lose the plot. Dear God, tell me, are ya really here? Cause I need your help, I aint thinking clear. Can you listen up, while I put some questions to ya ear? Mr God, I need you man, I’ve been living in fear.

Question two, Mr God, now this ones for you and it’s coming straight from the heart, so please be true. This ones about love and why we feel it all the time. For it to feel like such a crime. Just to spend a little time, with the lover of your life. Take them out, kiss em all the time, take them home, maybe even spend the night. But the thought of being hurt, still gives you a fright. It’s hard but you have to fight. If your loves not a lie, then you can’t let it die. If it dies, then your both left broken inside.

Thinking of the drugs and how it felt to be high, but I guess that’s what you wanted.
God no more you and I.

– Wonderful words from Jake Robert Moore

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