Mr .funny

Yeah yeah
Ay’ mr funny
My turn now
It’s time mr funny
Mr funny begin.

The crown shines deep, deeper shines my candle

Beyond the walls of princess, life is defined.

I think of a beat, in a beauty state of mind.

Hope the next vandal got some fine scandal
The Queen deserves no standard candle.
George Frederick Handel, genius dramatic handle.

In a fairies state of mind.

What more could you ask for? The purple crown?
Boy no more lies, she still speaks for the frown.

I’m rappin’ to your scar
Make a wish, shooting star.

Slippery when wet, crazy for your smile.
Baby I neeed to tell you, I really like your style.

I can’t take the lies, can’t take the pain.
I woulda tried to sleep, I’ve been split, can’t fix the brain.

I’m rapping to my star
Ignore my nasty scar.

Yeah you, in a lovers state of mind.

~ ElBee

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