You can call me Lau <3

My attitude is bad and it keeps getting better.
I’m smart as fuck here’s a funky fucking letter.
Some can’t handle the Laura Burchill presence.
I got some bad anxiety, I said no antidepressants.

Can I have a cone, please, that will calm me down.
Lau’s a fucking queen, the chick that wears the crown.
Her best friend and ex boyfriend, they just lied.
She’s a mad bitch who likes to kick back and ride.

Hey keep your eyes to yourself, boys, she’s an intelligent lady with a bad reputation.
Jerks have come and gone, she can sense your temptation.
Boy, you were lucky to have me, I’m a gift, I’m a goddess.
I made my mistakes, I have no regrets, I’m being honest.

History has been made, now I exist in the present.
Time fly’s by, but I make that shit pleasant.
Bitch don’t look at me funny, I know how girls work.
You’re boyfriends not even hot, but I’ll give him a cheeky smirk.
I wanted to be friends, your jealousy, that’s how I win.
You played your own game, girls should stick together, otherwise let the games begin.

I’m bigger and better, not my fault, I guess I’m snobby.
I smash a whole team, ball and stick, hockeys my favourite hobby.
I forgive you, let’s chill, hand out, here’s a chill pill.
Music up loud, we’re dancing on the clouds,
So fuckedy fucked, if you’re just having fun, you’re making Lau proud.

She’s got what you want, don’t hate cause you aint.
Be a good person, easy done your a saint.
She’s shy on the streets, what’s her intention.
A freak in the sheets, now she’s got your attention.

Pretty on the outside, I’m gonna show off.
Pleasing to they eye, I know you jerk off.

Pretty on the inside, she’s a yummy treat.
Her power of love, makes her so sweet.

Babes, we got the same style, you’re a follower obsessed with my trend.
Dudes, let’s get drunk, if we chill you’re a friend.
Simple, you can’t beat the queen,
You can try, but I’ll be nasty and mean.

~ Laura Burchill

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