Hey baby

Hey baby, I need a nice break.
I tease myself, always thinking about you.

I crave my sexy fucker Jake,
that good nasty sex, too long overdue.

You’re so yummy I don’t want to beg.
Too late baby. I’m getting the shakes in my leg.

I want you to tease me, then fuck me hard and rough.

Get angry baby, you’re so sexy, when you’re so big and tough.

The feeling of your dick deep inside of me.
I’d choose that over any drug high.

Don’t stop now baby, it feels so good even better to see.
The feelings so good, makes me wet, I wanna hear your sigh.

Spit on my pussy, make me shake, cum and scream.

I’m wet for you baby
You’re my wet dream.

Love Lau xoxo

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