Dear Donald Trump

Boys I am more than a sex object I stand for so much more.
I am loving I am kind, I know I’m not a whore.

In reality men are in love with sex, this makes me so sad.
Women giving them what they want, you realise that’s just as bad.

A relationship should be special, but boys like to touch their dicks.
Girls you let this happen, selling yourself through videos and pics.

A women’s body should be a part of nature.
Instead everything has been sexualised.
Who is the sex legislature?

When I look at someone, I connect to their smile.
I want to be friendly, I want to be kind.

The thing about human connection, I see ones horny mind, I see it from a mile.
Don’t say you can’t control it, if you love it, it’s up to you, you control your own mind.

It’s so sad to see, sadder to see with the one you love.
Physical or emotional, if the thought of other girls takes over your mind.
It’s quite obvious then, the one your with, it just can’t be true love.

Focus on yourself, your hobbies, make that your passion.
Until then, male or female, you’ll think sex is the new latest fashion.

My name is Laura Burchill, I know the meaning of life.
Not saying your way of life is wrong, but until you open your eyes.
You’ll realise you’re girl is beautiful, but if you aren’t loyal.
I’m sorry you’re gonna lose her.
Do you see yourself in the future, happy with a wife?

Donald Trump you have a wife and a daughter.
What’s it like knowing, for enough money someone would have bought her?

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