Long serious poem/lecture

Your efforts and the pain. It’s all worth it, all the power you will gain.
A stormy shower always follows you. All you need to do is keep your colours true and I know you’ll pull through.

Don’t be scared, they feed off your fear. The real monsters, I sense them near.

Whatever you say or think, there’s always someone who can hear.

Mentality needs to change it’s disgusting, where’s the loyalty.
If we can’t have it, I don’t need it that’s what makes me royalty.

I’ll make you hate what you’ve done,
when we try to move on bad luck for you, i’ve got God’s light shining down from the sun.
Fuck this world and it’s reality.
For me, it’s not easy living with humanity.

Fuck the game of life. And what it means to be a wife.
I don’t need your help and advice, the world we know today works just like a computer device.

I dream the day women gain power.
I wish I could change the world, get it done an hour.

Life get’s wasted living alone. I know out there somewhere lives a Laura Burhill clone.
I’m slowly losing strength, this struggle we love but hate. It gives us courage but it’s hard to appreciate.

Think real hard what life means to you. Humans and animals, we’re more than a zoo.

What didn’t break before, keep running because it’s about too.
There’s a killer, but there’s too many of us to know.
The killer was put here for a reason, it’s God’s greatest treason.

For now let’s role some dope.
You should know that all that matters is having faith and hope.

My killer will come, I’m too strong, things can change, no one knows where I really come from.

I’m just a young girl, picked from the ocean. Like a bright shiny pearl, I’m made to express emotion.

For now all I know is how to love. It’s a gift we have, a gift from God, it comes from up above.

Laura Burchill

–  You’ll get no where doing what you’re told. For who knows what the future holds.

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