To you

Everything happens for a reason.
All has led me to this perfect moment. With the most perfect person. Quite like myself.

Jake Moore
Writing to you, about you, in front of you. In your fucking amazing bed, Sharing this exact moment with you.

You treat me how I’ve always wanted and wished to be treated.

You have made my haunting  past a memory, lost in time. Nothing haunts me anymore. I don’t fear anything, I have gone through too much. My life and all of history has given me you.

I’m so thankful, for you, for everything.
and for me…
The opportunity to live happily with each other. It gives me hope and faith.

Hope and faith for a good future. But we need to fight together, learn together and to grow together.

Fighting with you. I know it brings my anxiety and depression. It’s the very last thing I want to do.
Giving each anger and negative emotions.

Most relationships let the problems get to their head. They let it get to the point of seperation.

The good thing about us is we let out our emotions both good and bad.
The badness only makes the good greater. We are understanding more and more about each other every day. We both have the ability to learn something from every experience.

We’re both very smart and we know how relationships work and all the down sides to it.

Our relationship is so amazing the good outweighs the bad.
The good times can only do good things for us.

Shy on the streets sexy in the sheets.

Making love with you. My favourite thing to do.

Touching your body makes me so cozi. Cuddling you makes me feel so safe that I can actually get to sleep. You’re so fucking yummy baby.
You’re beautiful and your love is the most amazing thing. I am so grateful for you and for honestly making me the happiest girl in the world.

The way I think baby…
We were all made to break.
We’ve both been broken before.
Not broken anymore.
Love can be so scary But it’s so simple.
I literally love love. I love everything and everyone in this whole wide world.
I want everyone to just love no matter their story.

I want animals to experience love. I want aliens to just love. I want angels and demons to love.

Your love and happiness creates my love and happiness.

I know the thought of ‘the one’ isn;t good. Overthinking who you are with, and if love will always be there. Thinking that way does effect yours and my own attitude.
It fucks the relationship.

Who the fuck knows what the future holds. It may be planned.
We are in control though. We want good memories.
My best memories are already with you.

All we can do is be as happy as we can be, we don’t always have fun but you mean so much to me and to call you my beautiful man is a blessing.

You are the only thing making my life worth living.

I love you Jake so much.

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