A Space State of Mind (The Light Hip Hop) By ElBee

Yeah, yeah
Ayo, Lover, it’s time.
It’s time, Lover (aight, Lover, begin).
Straight out the wild dungeons of rap.

The ache drops deep as does my power.
I never fly, ’cause to fly is the mother of shower.
Beyond the walls of ladies, life is defined.
I think of Hope when I’m in a Space state of mind.

Hope the flower got some hour.
My tower don’t like no dirty giaour.
Run up to the shower and get the scour.

In a Space state of mind.

What more could you ask for? The cool ache?
You complain about Love.
I gotta love it though – somebody still speaks for the cake.

I’m rappin’ to the light,
And I’m gonna move your bite.

Best, good, rule, like a Queen
Boy, I tell you, I thought you were a lien.

I can’t take the Love, can’t take the King.
I woulda tried to running I guess I got no sting.

I’m rappin’ to the bite,
And I’m gonna move your light.

Yea, yaz, in a Space state of mind.

When I was young my mother had a cake.
I waz kicked out without no snake.
I never thought I’d see that break.
Ain’t a soul alive that could take my mother’s wake.

A guide cat is quite the mat.

Thinking of Hope. Yaz, thinking of Hope (Hope).

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