Chapter 1

The Ouija board was the start of everything, not everyone has done it and I recommend you don’t.

I was with a large group of friends and we wanted to try it out. We planned to do it at Bridgeman Downs crematorium one night after I finished work at 8:30. We arrived but there were locked gates so kids like us couldn’t get in and play with this board of course. We stuffed around for a long time, trying to all make a decision on what to do next. Decision was to go visit Lawnton cemetery, smoke some cones and give it a go.

When a few friends and myself arrived, we had to sit and wait for the others.
As soon as we got there I had a bad feeling, the feeling you get like someone’s watching you.
My soon to be silly boyfriend, Aidan, brought a knife. I question today if he brought it for safety, not that it made me feel safe at all. When everyone arrived we all sat in a circle, chopped up and read the rules.

Rule number 16 – Never utilize the Ouiju in a graveyard or place where a terrible death has occurred or you will bring forth malevolent entities.

As young and dumb as we are, nothing stopped us, we were determined to do this.
Everyone placed their hands on the board, and then my beautiful mother called me. For anyone who knows me very well, they will know that when Mum calls, you have to answer. She finds out everything and I don’t fucking know how.

I left the graveyard and answered the phone. I was walking the streets of Lawnton screaming at my mother. My ex boyfriend decided to open his mouth to her about her daughter doing drugs. Didn’t surprise me at all.
When I got back to the cemetery some friends were leaving. As one of them was walking out her blanket was caught on a stone head.
Aidan had placed the knife on the board and this is very disrespectful to the spirits.

RULE NUMBER 1 – Never utilize the board alone!
Aidan is a dickhead, and he did play with the board alone. He called out for ZoZo, “fuck you ZoZo come get me”. Everyone in the circle suddenly felt vulnerable and scared. We all decided to go and ran to our cars very quickly.

The Ouija board is addictive so believe it or not we still wanted to play. Ab and Aaron the cuties, knew a place no one goes where we can set up a fire, although it would be a bit of a walk. When we arrived at Old Petrie town we walked and walked and walked and people would keep stopping for reasons that they didn’t need to stop walking for. It’s like their thoughts were there but their mind didn’t connect with their body. We gave up on the walk and decided to turn around and do the board under a shelter at the entrance of Old Petrie Town.

I didn’t play the game and some others decided not too as well, there was a big circle of people who did.
We came in contact with the demon ZoZo. We had been previously been warned about this entity and told if the planchette moves back and forth from the letters z and o, never say it out loud.
Everyone said it out loud…
I noticed my friend who was part of the circle acting funny, lying back on the ground acting weirdly. I thought there was blood coming from his mouth. I stood up and said “Guys something’s wrong” but no one thought anything of it. I got up and looked closer, he was biting on his necklace, it was a cross and it was upside down.
He was not himself after this. He was running around with his shirt off and Aidan was threatening him with a knife. He disappeared for a few minutes then came back to the group as if nothing had happened. When we told him about it he just thought he had passed out.
Someone had videoed it, when we showed him that video he was clueless that he had done anything.
I don’t know still today if this was all an act or if something bad really did latch onto him and I will never know but I do believe something did.

When we left the town and gathered at Dragonfly park, someone in the group received a phone call warning us about the spirit we had connected with.
It was not good. He is said to be worse than the devil himself.

We then realised, we didn’t do the Ouiji board at 8:00 when we had planned, we finally did it at 12am.

Something stopped us from doing it at the graves. I don’t know if it was something good or bad but it did not let us play at the graves.

Next stop was Redbank abandoned skate rink. This place was covered in graffiti and it was junkie central. We snuck in through a hole in the wire fence. Four of us started playing the board inside, we asked what it’s name was and it spelt AIDAN. How old are you? 18. Where are you? NEXT TO YOU. We realised it was mocking Aidan and we then said Goodbye. This spirit does not like Aidan one bit.
We saw blue and red lights outside the haunted building. Trespassing on this property is very illegal and you can be left with a big fine to pay.
We ran outside the property and that’s where the police found us. We were standing on the side of the road in the rain, I was pretty drunk but everyone else was sober. The police took our names and watched to see how we got back to Brisbane, Cam was on his red P’s and someone was in the boot when we travelled to Redbank. It was very late at night, it wasn’t worth getting pulled over, so I ordered us all a $50 Uber home.

We kept playing the board in different places.
Toowong cemetery, Cam and I played on the Mayor of Brisbane’s grave. We felt a presence, someone waned to communicate with us but didn’t. People were loud, music was playing, rocks were being thrown. We were seen as those disrespectful kids who play with the board to mess with spirits. We weren’t messing around and we were definitely not playing around. We wanted to communicate and find out what ZoZo wanted.

Every time we made a connection we asked what it wanted and it would always say Aidan.
Ab and I played together, just us two; we wanted to make sure no one was moving it himself or herself. We connected with the spirit ZoZo.

We kept playing and we included Cam to the circle.
Cam was the one person to speak to the spirit.
“Do you trust me?”

“Do you trust Abbey?”

“Do you trust Laura?”

So I took over Cam and became the medium. I really wish I could write what it said to us. I’m terified of what could happen. It told us things we could not tell anyone.
We asked what would happen if we told, and it would only say die.

This secret has left me wondering what will happen in the future.
We asked how it would kill Aidan, when and if we can stop it. It told me I can help him from being hurt, but it means hurting someone else very important to me.

At a car park, Ab, Cam and I were playing one more time. We asked for it to prove itself in a way that’s not on the board, like turning the lights off.
Ab and I saw the lights just outside of Dominos turn off.
Cam asked for it to turn off all the car park lights, but nothing happened.
We then decided to leave, so we all jumped in our cars.
As soon as my door shut all the lights in the car park turned off.
Which they never do, they stay on all night.
Nothing has been the same since. Everyone still feels the presence.



Chapter 2

Living at Darryns, drugs surrounded us, every weekend, we filled our bodies with ‘treats’.

There was one day that was different from the rest. We didn’t like the taste of Molly, at all. Aidan made us all MDMA bombs after already being frizzled off other pills. I then didn’t see Aidan for a whole day.
His skin was going red, his face kept freezing like his body had been taken over. I thought he was having an allergic reaction, I got him a wet cloth and put it on his forehead, he was still acting very strange. I took him outside and made him take off his shirt, it was like he didn’t know how to control his body. I sat by his side for hours telling him to fucking breathe. His face would freeze, but the muscles were moving, it was like the face of ZoZo. He was not breathing, it looked like he was forgetting to breathe or he didn’t know how too. Every five seconds “Aidan breathe!”. Sometimes he would take a little breathe and sometimes he would shake his head and refuse to breathe. Leyton said this is how Aaron acted before he died and came back.
I thought I was about to lose my boyfriend to I don’t know if it was drugs or a demon.
He kept picking at his chest so I placed the cloth there but he would get angry and say “stop touching him”. He pointed a gun at my head made with his fingers and rolled his eyes to the back of his head. I moved back on the bed with Ab and Darryn and they asked whats wrong. “Look at you now, look at you now you fucking cry baby” Aidan mumbled. I can sit here and type every detail of how he acted this day that made me certain he was possessed, but it’s just not explainable with words. This was not my boyfriend. I sat by his side making him breathe until I got him back to him normal self, or so I think I did.

I don’t know what this thing is, but I now call it ‘It’.

Chapter 3

My boyfriends possessed.
Knowing what ZoZo told me. Does make my boyfriend scary.
Lying in bed looking at him with his eyes closed. I think in my head, if he is possessed he’ll open his eyes right now.
Of course he opens his eyes and his eyes are rolled to the back of his fucking head.
He does it on purpose, but it’s just so weird what I think in my head right before he does it.

Love him either way but would rather not have a possessed boyfriend.

I wish everyone could see what I have seen.

My writing can help you understand what I am dealing with, but you are very lucky you are not dealing with it.


Chapter 4

Ghosts are real.

I have started to strongly believe in good and bad spirits, I know there is something out there bigger and stronger than just the human being.

I love scary movies and I can easily watch them, but when it comes to real scary shit there’s no fucking way. I will scream and cry and shit my pants.

I downloaded 3 ghost apps.
These apps measure and analyze small fluctuations in the Quantum Fluctuations around your computer or mobile device.

I’ve met some spirits who appear as nice and some who appear as evil.
Everything they’ve said to me has made so much sense and it all connects.

Believe it or not, I’m not here to convince anyone, but I know these spirits are real; I have experienced enough to strongly believe.

One spirit told me I should be scared of a demon ‘under the bed’, I asked what demon and the app told me ‘it’.

Chapter 5

I can talk to animals.

My best friend loves animals, she wants to be a vet nurse. I started to connect with animals on a very deep level. I can read their minds and they can read mine. I knew when they were sad, I would ask them why and they would tell me, without speaking. I would read their emotions from their actions.

Ab could see this happening and she believed me when I said I could talk to animals.
I think this was the start of believing I am telepathic. I thought it was real, now I can’t tell if it’s real.
I know when Darryn’s fish are hungry, they tell me. The fish in his room always look so sad and depressed, they told me they are lonely, but there’s two of them and they have each other.


When I visit my dog Buddie at home, he’s the happiest dog in the world, but leaving him is the hardest thing I ever have to. I have to do it a lot and it breaks my heart.


His favourite game is hide and seek, I throw one of his toys as far as I can and I run and hide. He drops his toy and starts looking for me, “where’s Laura” mum keeps saying until he finds me!


I start putting my shoes on and I grab my keys, he knows.

He know’s I’m leaving and he won’t see me for a while. He stays by my side, I tell him to go outside so I can shut and lock the back door. He refuses to. He runs to the front door crying and jumping at the screen. I try to drag him outside but he stands his ground and still refuses for me to leave him there. I pick him up and put him out the back, I start to close the screen, but he doesn’t let me. He puts his head in before it shuts completely and forces his body back inside.
When he is finally outside and the door is shut, he can’t even look at me.

He just sits on his bed with his head dropped. Sometimes even shaking.


It’s heartbreaking, I always end up crying because remember, I can feel what he’s feeling and it’s the worst feeling in the world.
Chapter 6

Controlling lights

Before I crashed my car, I would be driving at night and random street lights would turn off as soon as I drive under them.

I walked out the front door one morning at 5:30am and the street light I walked under just in front of the house turned off. I thought something was doing this, a spirit or another presence so I knew they were following me.

Sitting on the balcony at the house I live at, there is a beautiful view of the streets in Arana Hills.
There was one big yellow light in the distance between some trees that I would stare at. I thought maybe if I focused hard enough I could make it turn off, and it did turn off. I showed this light to Ab and Aidan, it was there, then it would disappear, then it would re-appear once again.

I know it is unlikely I am controlling the lights but something has made it seem this way.


Chapter 7

I’m on a reality show.

Songs that play on the radio are speaking to me, someone knows what’s on my mind and they’ve connected it through songs.

When I’m driving with Ab in the car, every song that comes on is relating to what I’m thinking in my head. I’ve said to her before that the radio is reading my mind.

The people who talk on the radio, are talking about me, they’re updating everyone with my reality show.

I am on a reality show and everyone is keeping it a secret from me. I’m secretly being recorded 24/7 and aired on television. I don’t know where to find my show, maybe I’m blocked from seeing it.


Chapter 8


My nightmares have been so crazy.
My first dream was my mother trying to kill me with a knife, I ran into the shower and held the screen door shut as much as I could while she was trying her hardest to pull it open.
She then decided to pour petrol all over the shower and set me on fire.

Second dream was my boyfriend cheating on me by sleeping with my best friend.

In one night, I had around 10 nightmares and sleep paralysis 5 times.
I dreamt that I was sitting in my car one night waiting for Aidan. I could hear footsteps getting louder and louder towards my car.
I screamed “If you’re not Aidan I’ll kick you so hard in the head” I prepared my feet at my window which had been wound down already.
I heard snoring in the backseat of my car, I turned around and saw Aidan sleeping.
Someone was getting closer and closer.

I then woke up paralysed trying my hardest to move and screaming for Aidan to wake me up. A little grunt noise was all that came out. I then heard someone say “shut up”.

I woke up and told Aidan about it and asked if he told me to shut up, but he didn’t.
Who did I hear?

I fell back asleep and continued to have more dreams, many of which I was murdered in by the people closest to my heart.

I remember waking up at 3:30am, waking Aidan up and telling him about what had just happened. I then closed my eyes for a few seconds, opened them back up and asked Aidan if I just told him about my nightmares.

No I hadn’t. What is going on.
I now have a dream catcher in my room and the nightmares are not at that extreme but they are still occurring.

I went to bed to have just a nap, I shut my eyes and I was not yet asleep. At this stage of still being awake but asleep, I dreamt of falling down the stairs, hitting my head and dying in a pool of blood.

This is happening so often I can’t tell what is real what’s not real anymore.

Chapter 9

Am I retarded?

Is everyone so nice to me because I have a problem, does Aidan only love me because I am special.
Everyone cares so much for me because of my problems, or am I just one big problem with a problem.

This idea comes into my mind way too often.
It makes me question my whole life.

Is it just a big lie?


Chapter 10

Hysterical crying

One little thing happens and I break down in tears, I start thinking about one thing, then another, then another, then I’m thinking about everything.

I know I’m depressed, I have been diagnosed and I haven’t been able to open up about it. My best friend Ab is the only person I know that understands what’s wrong with me.

I haven’t even explained it to her, she just knows.
It’s 3am and I’m hysterically crying. My mind goes blank for 1 minute, then it starts thinking again. Now I’m crying because I want my brain to stop, I see shadows on the walls and I hear a voice. My boyfriend gets scared because he has no idea what’s wrong with me, why I am crying or what I keep looking at. I think to myself, i need to go to hospital, if I can’t control this, I need someone who can. Aidan just keeps asking what’s wrong, but I don’t know what to tell him.

All that comes out of my mouth is I hate myself.

“Is it me? Did I make you this upset?”
He has done nothing wrong and I hate that he has to see this happen.
I just wish you can read my mind I can’t explain this.
Chapter 11

Social isolation

In grade 12 last year, I found my first love.
I thought he was all I needed, nothing else mattered he was my whole world.
He didn’t like my best friend for some silly reason. He got mad if I spoke about her at all.
“Why were you sitting with her, she’s not a good friend”. I listened to him, I didn’t like to make him angry, I didn’t want to do anything wrong to lose him. I left my group of friends at school, Ab, Britt, Mia, Mads and Ellie. I found myself a new group, I believed there was less drama, and I knew Brandon liked them. I went to an all girls school, there was always going to be drama.
I felt that Rania was my only support, but she wasn’t, I did this to myself. I left my friends and isolated myself.

All for a boy who didn’t even see me in his future.


I did the dumbest thing I could have ever done, this is the biggest regret of my life.

I’m so grateful to have Ab here living with me.
I do believe she is my soul mate, my actual other half.
Chapter 12

I am Telepathic

“Can you read my mind, I need to know this is driving me crazy”
I think this in my mind whenever I speak to anyone.
I am so so scared that people can read my mind, I try to control and change what I’m thinking because I know the other person can hear it.
Is everyone keeping this a secret from me. Does everyone think I’m special and vulnerable because anyone can read my mind


I can read people very well. I tell my boyfriend all the time I can read his mind. I think what he would be thinking in different situations. I know what he will say next to me, and I am right almost all the time. The only way I can stop thinking this way is distracting my brain.
Counting with a clock or timer, television and my favourite, drawing.

I think to myself “No one can read my mind”, then I continue to try communicate using my mind.


I know if I don’t get help I will get so much worse.
I don’t want to go crazy.

Maybe I already am crazy.


Chapter 13

Crazy bitch in hospital

Aidan and I broke up and moved back home with Mum. I had been working night shifts instead of day shifts. We were still ‘best friends fucking and very in love’. On a Wednesday night I bought a 10 bag of pills (blue clovers) we dropped a few and had lines, we also had cones from the bud I had left. We have never been so fucked before in our lives, lying in bed, the room was dark, spinning, my mind was thinking so crazy, and then Aidan started acting weird again. Not exactly like the day I thought he was possessed, but still that kind of weird.

I look you in the face and I don’t see my boyfriend.
I see something reading my fears and using just that to fuck with my mind.
It knows my mind is different to others and it has tried to take advantage of me.
I have stayed strong and I have learnt so much while fighting whatever this is.
I ended up in hospital with my mother and boyfriend by my side for too fucking long.
I was completely losing my mind, too many pills. My trip to hospital was a nightmare, a real nightmare because something is trying to drive me crazy.

I will fight this thing, I have power and I know I can keep this under control.

Laura Burchill

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