The Human Revelation

This is my way of communicating with you all.
This is the human revelation.

God, deity and supernatural entities reveal knowledge to the world of humanbeings. How can humans live by what has been communicated to them, if we don’t know who or what this knowledge is coming from.
The human brain can’t process how much is actually out there. The universe could be forever.
We don’t know what’s the truth of the universe.

We do know people’s thoughts and emotions are real.
If we are gaining knowledge from something we know is real. The information being communicated would only show truth.

I have listened to my human brain and used my way of thinking to create a truth. A truth that only and all of human kind can understand. I have made sense of reality. The reality we are stuck in.
This is my sacred writing.

“Very disappointing. Admit it, you messed up and don’t know what to do”

That’s all I’ve ever done and I’ve never known what to do.
But doesn’t everyone.
Am I the only one that messed up and is this lost?

“I don’t know how he does it, how does he put up with being treated like this, the abuse and being treated like shit”

I know how to put up with it, it’s not easy and not making a change sooner will be the biggest mistake of your life when your left broken completely.
Broken so bad you can’t be fixed, there is no happy ever afters.
I need you to fully understand how I healed myself.

I healed myself through controlling my thoughts and thinking differently to how any other person would. Drugs opened my mind and I have explored as much of the universe as I possibly could. I created my own super mind. I can help you all, you just need to listen, my words will get you thinking how you would never normally think.
I want to help everyone to help themselves.

Mum and Dad
You have both mistaken your way through life and that’s the way I’ve learnt to live.
I followed the footsteps of my parents and I have fallen this early, this young.
I apologise that Im messed up and do mess up and I’m completely fucking lost.
How can you trust anyone after, slowly, over a long period of time, through horrible pain you lose all the trust you were born with and once had.
Once it’s gone it’s gone. You will never get the trust back that you once had once upon a time.

While every family and friend is so concerned about Dom, like I am. I have been falling down a million stairs and everyone has been watching but it seems the more people watching me fall, the harder I fall.
I have fallen hard. No one could have helped, I would have still fallen just as hard if anyone tried to help me.
Only you can help yourself, no matter the situation, you can keep the impact at the bottom of the stairs from breaking you in any way. It will hurt once you hit the ground but it doesn’t have to hurt forever.

Dom looks at life much differently than how I do. We grew up together and learnt the same lesson from the same parents.
We learnt differently in school, through friends, we’ve been hurt differently, we’ve been bullied differently.
We have grown together, but grown very differently.

“Laura I’m gonna need your support over these next few weeks”

I am very worried about Dom, his happiness is so important to me along with my mother and father.
My happiness is my way of life, nothing is more important than your own happiness.

Dom has been dealing with all the bad things that have interrupted what should be a happy life his own way.

Every person deals with things differently.
Different things make different people happy.
You find that thing that makes you happy again, and that’s what you use to fix yourself.
If your sad, wouldn’t it make sense to do what you know will make you happy again.

Not everyone will agree with what you do.
This is because of different perspective.
I have found those few people in the world that  have been broken the same way and deal with it the same way as I do.

Be disappointed or not Mum and Dad. It’s up to you, but I’m not disappointed at all. I have been as strong as I possibly can be and I am exhausted. I did it all on my own.
I only need myself to fight against my own fucked up thoughts.

We should all live life happily.

Your words tonight pushed me to breaking point. This is what I’ve been running from.
I have been so scared for so long, but although I was scared I was happy because I surrounded myself with amazing people and removed any person that is a threat to my self worth. I’m afraid the sadness has caught me once again. Sometimes it’s too late, you don’t know the care another has for you until their actions effect you in some way. Truth will always reveal. Like the ‘truth’ revealed in any revelation.
Nothing’s perfect, and you will experience so much sadness in your life. How else are you meant to learn your right way of coping.
There is no being happy without being sad.

My perspective on life has changed so much. My experiences, emotions, heartbreaks and even the way I was brought up. No one sees the world the way I do. I want to do great things, want to live a happy life. It shouldn’t matter what I’m doing, I smoke weed yeah I’m fucking horrible hey. Most of the world population has and does smoke weed. It’s not hurting anyone and there is much more important things we need to worry about.
Working on ourselves and creating happy memories.
If I can make myself happy I can help make others happy too, by creating amazing memories with them.
These memories help those people work on themselves so they can make others happy too.

Memories are doorways to the past.
The more good memories in the past, the more happiness growing towards the present.
Why can’t everyone just be happy and have the freedom to live their life how they want and do whatever the fuck they want whenever the fuck they want.

All I have ever done is loved, all I’ve ever wanted was that love in return.
There’s no such thing as karma and there’s no such thing as love.
You give what you give and you get what you get.
You can go your life without a care for any other human than yourself. Both bad and good things will come for you.
You can be the most caring and generous person, both bad and good things will come for you.

You can make anything good. Happiness takes away any bad and makes anything and everything good.

You are your whole life.
I know what makes me happy and I know that there’s still so much for me to learn, suffer and receive. What makes me happy will change over time and I know to trust where life is taking me. I will march through life happily in the present moment. Depression is and will always be present.

If I’m not doing what puts a smile on my face in this present moment. All that will be left is sadness. This is what I am running from everyone. I am running from my own sad thoughts and feelings and chasing only the happy thoughts and feelings.

Its disappointing I’m a disappointment because I’ve tried my hardest to be happy.
What I do has nothing to do with anyone else.
If you really care the way you say you do then support me and just trust that I’m dealing with life in the right way.
This ‘right way’ is very different to how you and many other people deal with things.
That doesn’t make your ways of coping wrong.
Do whatever you need to be happy.

If you are coping, but it’s not what makes you happy.
You are dealing with your emotions the wrong way. And your perspective will only get worse.

Your perspective on living in this moment is how you are living in this moment.
For a happy and good life.
You need to think happy to be happy.

Anyone can create their happiness or even recreate their happiness.
As hard as it seems, you can change.

There will always be hurt and pain but for whatever hurts you in the future, don’t let it ruin you. If you let it ruin your happiness your letting it ruin your life.
Life is so precious and I know unhappiness can ruin a whole life time, only if you let it.

Don’t worry just be fucking happy.
Happiness is the biggest accomplishment.
I am proud of being as happy as I possibly can be. Everyone should be proud of me, but this is not the case.

No one including myself should be known for their actions and what they do. People should only be recognised for the big smile on their face and the beautiful sparkle in their eye that everyone has.

My Mum noticed my sparkle disappeared a long time ago. It shows everyone how hurt I really am, everyone can see my wounds. This is what I want in life. I want my family and friends to be proud of when I get back the sparkle I have been chasing for so long. I deserve my sparkle.
In other words, I have completely lost myself, I don’t know who I am anymore but I know who I need to be.
When I say I’m looking for my sparkle, I’m looking for myself.
When I find myself, happiness will come naturally.
Life is in manual when this sparkle is gone, you need to put in a lot more work for happiness to come.
Once you’ve got the sparkle, your in automatic, you just have to keep moving forward, without even trying to be happy, you’ll  be happy.

It will always be a struggle to find happiness in life, but to find happiness is to live a good life.
Human kind will always run from sadness.
Running away only makes it harder to find what your looking for.

No one is a disappointment, but everyone should be living however they wish to and if they are not they are not living right.

It’s disappointing to see that reality doesn’t allow people to live how they really want to live.
If there’s anything that makes reality non existent, wouldn’t it be a good thing?
Drugs and alcohol make reality disappear best and all that’s left is you doing you.
You can be yourself and do or say anything you have always dreamed of doing.
When someone is not in the same mind state that is used in every day life, they are thinking differently to how they normally would. These things that are ‘bad’ actually help the human brain to think in a way it wasn’t made to.

Reality is how the human brain is programmed and no one wants be trapped in this way of living. That’s just not living.
Drugs have helped me to create my own reality. If everyone had their own reality every living person would live happy.

Makes perfect sense yet everyone’s trapped. Humans need to escape, don’t follow the reality created and set by humankind.

Follow the way of the universe and let your mind wonder.
Your sparkle will find you, without even looking.
Look up at the night sky and you will find sparkling stars.
The stars look down on earth and they see stars, although not all have their sparkle.

Everyone is living a reality created by humans but there’s a reality out there created by the universe and this reality is pure happiness.

Sounds like heaven.

I hope my thoughts can help everyone understand what life is about.

Life isn’t about one single thing.
Life is what you think it to be and make it to be.
Create your own world.
Someone might believe living is in the power of love.

Everyone’s minds think differently, and no one can think like I can.

I wish people could hear what I’m thinking because everyone would be as amazed as I am.
I thought people could at least read what I think. Overthinking has given me a power.
If everyone thought the way I thought, world peace could exist. Happiness can be everywhere.

Anyone can make another person smile, happiness is created by those around you.
When you create your own happiness you are in inspiration to the universe.
You let it hit you with everything it had but you didn’t let it ruin your mind, body or soul.
I want my writing to give you a chance to chase what’s actually important in life. You choose what’s important. Not even the universe can limit you.

I have made my happiness my point of living.
You should too.
Set yourself free.

Laura Burchill

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